Jun 18, 2014

Milwaukee Hate Radio, Segregation and Scott Walker Exposed

In the lede for The New Republic cover piece entitled, The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker, Milwaukee hate radio personality, Mark Belling is featured in this fact-laden piece that Republicans fear and loathe more than even a young, black man walking down the street.

Alec MacGillis' piece is supported with facts, data and analysis that presents to the nation the greater Milwaukee urban segregation and race baiting that have been the bain of Wisconsin politics for decades.

Another one of the hate radio stars featured in the piece is Charlie Sykes who retorts that MacGillis simply wrote a hit piece, a "heavy stew of urban legend, reheated unionista talking points, cherry-picked anecdotes and the usual journalistic hackery."

Alright, following is one ingredient featured from the heavy stew of urban legend that Sykes implied never actually happened in which Belling mocks Wisconsin's first African-American member of Congress, Gwen Moore: "Gwen Moore simply occupies a seat. A very large seat. ... The woman is so fat and out of shape, she literally can’t get to the floor to vote anymore. ... It’s time to vote and here’s Gwen: ‘I’m out of breath! Blew-ee, blew-ee!’ (Here Belling affected the exertions of an overweight black woman.)" Typical Belling, make up your own mind if it's toxic and racist.

1 comment:

  1. Notice what the righties don't respond with- reasons why the article might be wrong.

    C'mon Chuckles, Scotty, Belling, Icki. Tell us why MacGillis is wrong. I don't really care if it hurts your precious feelings, IS IT WRONG?

    The fact that they don't say gives the answer. MacGillis was right on the money.