Jun 2, 2014

Campaigning in Wisconsin with No Questions or Reaching Out

Update IIIAs Predicted, Huge Dairy Manure Spill Hits Wisconsin Waters. The same awaits the Saratoga area near Wisconsin Rapids.

Update II: Scott Walker: "We’d love to help you put four, five, six and more out here, because we know thanks to god and the glaciers we got the best frac sand in the world, and it’s right here in the state of Wisconsin," said Scott Walker, paying visit to the Texas- based company Hi-Crush Proppants. Walker is extending an open invitation to rape the sandstone formations in Golden Sands country in central and western Wisconsin, without regard to the health and environmental consequences.

Update: See Scott Walker's Dark Money Troubles and Mining and Water Don't Mix: Acid Mine Drainage Threatens Lake Superior and Boundary Waters for an illustration of rapacious corruption inflicting toxin and death onto our environment.
The coming John Doe emails will reveal the same virulent racism, anti-Semitism, and general contempt for the Wisconsin people held by Scott Walker and the people whom he has surrounded himself during his lifelong political career—a public career in which Walker has drawn a continuous salary paid by the Wisconsin people, whom he quickly abandoned in favor of service to billionaires such as the Koch brothers.

The release of these coming tens of thousands of emails will be worse than the February release.

But the news sent via the Gannett Co newspapers and broadcast "news" media will not penetrate the casual voter in central and northern Wisconsin where Walker beat his heavily outspent opponent in the June 2012 Recall election.

Presumptive Democratic Party nominee for governor, Mary Burke, has to be careful how to engage the issue of Scott Walker corruption, lest she minimize the issue as a partisan spat.

Adept communications in the free media are not in the skill set of the Burke campaign which has shown itself the perfect political heir of the inept Democratic Party of Wisconsin, listless and clumsy.

One would think the Wisconsin political culture retains sufficient muscle memory of retail and grassroots campaigning that Burke would be living in central and northern Wisconsin pushing issues of local concern.

Take four Wisconsin counties in central Wisconsin—Wood, Adams, Juneau and Portage counties—this is where is Golden Sands Dairy LLC wants to build a mammoth concentrated agricultural feeding operation (CAFO) centered among the four above counties in the town of Saratoga, Wisconsin.

The Golden Sands operation (ironic title) would pump out 50 million gallons of liquid waste per year, and suck up ground water to the detriment of area residents, businesses and the environment. Ironic because this region will not be the Golden Sands for long.

Legal and political battles continue between Wysocki Co (Golden Sands) and the town of Saratoga (Wood County) whose residents are fighting Golden Sands.

Looked at politically, this is a perfect grassroots movement to get behind, help these people in central Wisconsin.

But Mary Burke is as absent here as the dominance of the paper mill industry in this area from days gone-by.

Here for consideration are the June 2012 general election Recall results for Governor of the four counties that would be hit immediately by Golden Sands' proposed concentrated agricultural feeding operation (CAFO):

                                     Scott Walker       Tom Barrett

Adams County            4,497                      3,658
Juneau County            5,429                      4,225          
Portage County           14,846                   15,672
Wood County             18,535                    13,171

The June 2012 Recall election was an epic victory by Scott Walker and dark money, with Walker winning three of the four counties, achieving near-presidential-level numbers.

By comparison, consider the Presidential general election results of 2012, in which President Obama won three of the four counties:

                                    Mitt Romney            Barack Obama  

Adams County            4,644                          5,542
Juneau County            5,411                          6,242   
Portage County           16,615                        22,075
Wood County             19,704                        18,581                  

The take-away is Scott Walker is not going to see his 2012 winning Recall numbers against Burke in November 2014, but Mary Burke has to get out in the field and campaign.

Money alone, even combined with Scott Walker corruption and scandal, are not going to win this election for the Democratic Party nominee.

Campaigning will.

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