May 29, 2014

Scott Walker Runs from Plea Deal Question, Releases Unresponsive Statement

Scott Walker again refused to engage the story alleging that his attorney is involved in plea deal talks with Wisconsin John Doe officials.

"Neither Governor Walker nor his campaign committee are parties to the federal lawsuit. This means they have no legal standing to reach a settlement or deal in their lawsuit," Walker's statement reads in full.

This statement has nothing to do with the possible plea negotiations with state investigators conducting the John Doe probe looking into possible illegal collusion between Scott Walker's campaign and rightwing groups that poured $tens of millions into the 2011-12 Recall races.

Walker is referring to Eric O'Keefe's Wisconsin Club for Growth federal action now before the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, Eric O’Keefe and Wisconsin Club for Growth, Inc. v Francis Schmitz.

Walker refuses further comment on the plea deal story.

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