May 10, 2014

Perils of Shutting Down Law Enforcement Probe May Await Scott Walker

Update: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel slams Judge Rudoph Randa's decisions and order on John Doe II in a blistering editorial. "Jeremy Levinson, a Democratic campaign finance attorney in Milwaukee, told the Journal Sentinel that Randa is ignoring years of settled law and opened the door to undisclosed involvement (of huge money injections);" and that the Randa imperils the "constitutional authority of every district attorney and the attorney general of the state of Wisconsin."

Our state would become a lawless entity, where big-moneyed interests are free to break the law with no power of the people or law enforcement to stop them from destroying the state of Wisconsin as a representative democracy, if Randa's order were to stand.
The aggressive legal strategy of Scott Walker and the GOP Money heavies fighting off the law enforcement investigation known as John Doe II may result in unintended consequences.

The dynamic dates back to the old days when it was taken for granted by criminal enterprises that you never kill an investigative reporter because the result is more light is shone on what the journalist was covering.

Dominique Paul Noth posits the same principle applying to the John Doe II investigation of Scott Walker's campaign, and all the massive money funneled into the 2012 Wisconsin Recall elections and possible illegal coordination and breaking of campaign corruption laws.

Writes Noth: "It could very well be that the high-priced lawyers for the Wisconsin  Club for Growth were just sucked in to major tactical error by the US 7th District Court of Appeals, which encouraged an oops ruling reversal  by US District Judge Rudolph T. Randa that now allows a broader investigation to proceed."

Noth points out this is speculation, and jurists mostly cannot speak on the record, but are more than chatty in trusted legal circles. And the type of light Noth alludes to is new legal investigation that could be launched by procedure and reasonable suspicion of criminality in Wisconsin.

There is another truism is politics that applies to Scott Walker and his financial backers: When politicians tell you it's not about the money, it's about the money.

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