Apr 14, 2014

Whitewashing Bill Kramer's Sexual Assualts Is Underway; Signature Bond, Not Guilty Plea

Update II: Kramer to plead "not guilty," and is ordered released on signature bond. Guess that "treatment" center at an undisclosed location must have really helped Kramer; now, he's innocent.

Kramer's attorney said he trusts the judge will not allow the case to "become a circus- or carnival-like atmosphere." (Luthern. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Yes, we would not want the experience to be unpleasant for Kramer.

Update: Recall Scott Walker hedging days ago advising caution on expulsion proceedings. "I think the concern that some have had, and that they’re trying to look at, is if they took action to expel him, that might actually require the victim to have to testify and could have an impact on the court case," Walker said. (WRN) Walker's statement is of course ludicrous.

A preface today noting the Prosecutor's Sexual Assault Reference Book, "dedicated to all the courageous survivors of sexual assault and to the tireless advocates and prosecutors that join them in seeking healing and justice." (From the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WCASA)).

This bears mention as the AP report prior to Rep. Bill Kramer's (R-Waukesha) initial court appearance in 10 minutes is a whitewash of the graphic police report and criminal complaint.

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