Apr 20, 2014

Scott Walker Should Level with Wisconsin

Scott Walker still refuses a straight answer to the most basic of questions for a candidate seeking elective office.

Will you pledge to the Wisconsin people to serve a full term, if elected in November?

Walker response: "Governor Scott Walker is once again refusing to commit to serving a full four-year term if he is re-elected this fall." (AP)

Serving a term for which one is running in a democracy is a simple question, and in a healthy democratic culture every news organ would be demanding a straight answer.

Scott Walker's refusal of a straight answer is an insult.

Walker's disdain is on a par with other sleazy politicians' in history; but Walker is running to be governor of Wisconsin, and not the creator of a power center for out-of-state, huge-moneyed interests like the Koch brothers.

In late March Walker said, "'Someday, maybe once we get past all this, we'll take a look at it (running for president),' Walker said in an interview with Post Politics at the Conservative Political Action Conference in suburban Washington." (Blake. Washington Post)

Typical Walker. So, you haven't taken a look at running?

In the mean time, Walker's campaign of evasion, spin, and voter obstruction are the new rules of Wisconsin democracy; seeking a mandate is a joke, and Walker's likely opponent, Mary Burke and her listless and what's-the-opposite-of-innovative run for governor plays right into this illusion of the Wisconsin people's welfare being served by the democratic process.

Walker is playing the coy, presidential pretender game, gather up as much money as possible while on the Wisconsin tax payers' payroll, and assure the billionaires he has their back.

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