Apr 8, 2014

Graphic Police Report Fails to Move Wisconsin GOP on Sexual Predator; Remains Sitting Legislator

Another repulsive GOP mess
Wisconsin Republican State Rep. and sexual predator's lawyer says Democrats demanding Bill Kramer's resignation should be "ashamed." Seriously.

Serial sexual predator State Rep. Bill Kramer's (R-Waukesha) attorney lashed back at Wisconsin Democrats demanding Kramer's resignation in the wake of a flurry of reports of criminal sexual assaults, serial sexual harassment and the release of a graphic police report and criminal complaint obtained by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Republican Assembly leaders who control the legislative body refuse to begin expulsion proceedings, but have made calls for Kramer to resign.

Reports Mary Spicuzza in the Wisconsin State Journal:

Jim Gatzke, Kramer's attorney, on Monday accused [Democrats] of being in "campaign mode," and said they should be ashamed of themselves.

"The level of ignorance coming from individuals were are supposed to be the legislative voice of this state is staggering. Each and every one of the signatories of these documents took an oath to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of Wisconsin, yet they are each prepared to deny a basic Constitutional protection, the right to due process, to Bill Kramer," Gatzke said in an email. "The political discourse in this state has declined to the point that politicians on both sides of the aisle are prepared to cast aside an individual’s basic rights in order to exact political revenge or score political points. They should be ashamed of themselves."
No word from Attorney Gatzke if he feels his client, the former Republican majority leader of the Wisconsin State Assembly ought to be feeling "ashamed" and remorseful.

Apparently Gatzke does not realize the Wisconsin State Assembly is not a Court of Law, but rather a legislative body, a distinction that perhaps eludes attorney Gatzke in his zeal to defend his client, sexual predator Bill Kramer.

Nor does Gatzke appear to realize leaders of both parties have called for Kramer's immediate resignation.

Wonder how much Gatzke is charging Kramer per hour, in any event Wisconsin tax payers are footing Gatzke's legal fees, as Kramer remains the state representative from the 97th Assembly District of Wisconsin.

From the Waukesha County criminal complaint dated March 28, 2014 containing elements of the City of Muskego police criminal report of one incident by Kramer in 2011:
... The defendant (Kramer) immediately locked the car doors and aggressively leaned into her, crossing the center console with his body and grabbed her left shoulder in a hard manner with his right hand. The defendant stated "I want to fuck you, I wanted to for a long time. I know you want it too. I want to get into your pants. I want to touch your pussy." D.R. [name of victims is shielded] indicates that the defendant again forcibly kissed her in the mouth and pulled her top away from her chest trying to look at her exposed breasts. He then grabbed and touched her groin over her clothes. ...
Maybe the Republican political party that asserts it knows what's best for women's health and reproductive choice, that wants to control women's bodies against their will, also knows what women want during criminal sexual assaults, as Kramer asserted during his attack.

Below is one excerpt from, page 2 of the criminal complaint:

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