Mar 29, 2014

Wisconsin Democratic Party Can Learn from Badger Buckets

What's the matter with Wisconsin the last few years?

Besides Scott Walker, it's the lassitude and group-think of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and its hapless chair, Mike Tate.

Most everyone goes along.

Didn't anyone ever take a course from the La Follette School of Public Affairs on the danger and pervasiveness of groupthink?

A couple of remedies: Mike Tate should get off his ass, grab a clip board and knock on some doors. Then, Tate should reveal his salary and explain why he's cutting it in half.

Mary Burke's campaign should actually campaign.

Why is it if I want to hear Democrats candidates sticking up for the right to vote after Scott Walker slashes voting again, I have to check out Congressman Ron Kind (D-La Crosse)?

Tate should watch closely the Wisconsin Badger basketball team: If a player gets lazy or selfish: He is off the floor in a hurry.

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