Mar 14, 2014

Scott Fitzgerald Still Blocking Chemo Treatment Bill in Wisconsin

A January 2014 Blood Drive for Leukemia Victims
Very Cold Outside, Very Warm and Human Inside
I'm proud to note that every year, and now twice a year, a group and I drive up to Wisconsin Rapids for a blood drive, and then have a party—in honor of a man who died from leukemia.

The guy spent a lot of time on chemo treatments like so many cancer victims; everyone he knew was in his corner.

Today, complete strangers (folks we know now) show up at his annual blood drive "just to do my part," as this one young man told me, greatest guy you want to meet, pictured at upper-right with a goofy shot of me waiting to give blood or platelets or plasma (I forgot)—what can be the lifeblood of leukemia patients.

For reasons only Republican can fully understand, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau, Wisconsin) is still blocking a "proposal would require health plans to provide the same coverage for chemotherapy drugs taken as pills as they do for chemotherapy administered through IVs," report Jason Stein and Guy Boulton of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel in a must-read piece.

Cancer survivor Jim Logan of Glendale can't believe the bill isn't passing. "Whether it's IV or a pill, it's chemotherapy," he said. "There shouldn't even be a question about it."

It's corruption and the sociopathic greed of Wisconsin Republicans. Except for a handful of GOP legislators standing up to the health insurance industry, every one of these cowards should be booted out of office.

I despise Republicans, and I can't believe this bill is being blocked either.

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