Mar 19, 2014

Rep. Vruwink to GOP Stalling Chemo Bill: "My God, get ahold of yourselves! Go to an oncology unit"

Update: Anne Marie Frakes of the Wisconsin Coalition for Cancer Treatment Access (WCCTA) is among those cancer treatment advocates outraged at Republicans.

Capitol police will likely be on the alert, if history is a guide, because cancer survivors will be breathing, some survivors happy to be alive may even smile, sing or hold hands with loved ones.

You can be sure Wisconsin Republican legislators will be advised of survivors' presence because there is growing optimism that Scott Walker, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (608 266-9171) will come to understand that cancer does not care if you are Republican, Green, Tea Party, Independent or Democratic.

Cancer kills without discrimination.

And all the money GOP legislators take from the health insurance industry and GlaxoSmithKline will not deter cancer.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Patrick Marley and Jason Stein keep up the pressure on Wisconsin Republicans who are blocking a chemo bill to treat cancer with oral pills, just like 29 states and all of Wisconsin's border states.

Report Marley and Stein:
Democrats fired back (at the GOP's Speaker Robin Vos ((R-Rochester)). Rep. Amy Sue Vruwink (D-Milladore) recalled losing her mother and brother to pancreatic cancer and recounted how her uncle had colon cancer and many women in her family had had breast cancer.

"My God, get ahold of yourselves! Go to an oncology unit and look at the families," Vruwink told Republicans.

"When I buried my brother six months ago, politics were the furthest thing from my mind."
What Vos and the Republicans are doing strikes the Wisconsin people (when they are told of what the GOP has done), almost universally as outrageous, as cancer-support groups have mobilized and pro-cancer treatment activists have displayed Assembly Speaker Robin Vos' office phone on the Net, (608) 266-9171), asking that he be phoned in an effort to persuade Vos not to kill the bill.

Even Scott Walker is taking cancer seriously now, refraining from his cracks made to Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporters. Walker said, "I don't know enough about it," on Monday, referring to Senate Bill 300 and Assembly Bill 392.

Changing his tune in less than 24 hours, now, "GOP Gov. Scott Walker hadn't taken a firm position on the measure by late Tuesday, though his spokeswoman, Laurel Patrick, said Walker would likely be 'inclined' to sign it if the Assembly backs the measure by as wide a margin as the Senate did," Marley and Stein report.

Does this mean that Walker found out what was in the bill?

Maybe someone did tell Scott Walker that cancer is not funny.

Callow and asinine, Scott Walker better start praying on this one.

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  1. Look carefully at what the Walker spokesperson said; "He will probably sign the bill if it passes by as wide a margin in the Assembly as it did in the Senate. It appears he doesn't give a hoot about the bill or cancer patients only that he can cover his butt with his special interest big money donors by being forced to sign the bill because his Republican legislators forced him into a box. This also suggest that Democrats in the legislature haven't got a snow balls chance in hell of getting WALKER TO SIGN ANYTHING THAT NEARLY ALL REPUBLICANS DIDN'T SUPPORT. So much for bi-partisanship with this administration. One party rule and domination bought and paid for by wealthy special interests. If Wisconsin doesn't want another for years of this they better show up at the polls BIG time in November!!!!!!