Feb 26, 2014

Ohio GOP Ends Sunday Early Voting, Wisconsin GOP's Attack on Early Voting Stalled in Senate

Republicans in Ohio hate voting by African Americans who still don't know their place.

So naturally, the GOP Secretary of State has decreed: No voting on Sundays for the entire state of Ohio in an effort to obstruct church-going folks on Sunday from voting. The effort is sure to be litigated.

In Wisconsin, a bill (AB 54) attacking early voting that passed the GOP state assembly on a party-line vote is still in the state senate.

If passed out of the state senate, everyone knows Scott Walker will not pass up an opportunity to scale back voting, ordering all election clerks in Wisconsin cities, towns and villages to make voting available only when Scott Walker and the GOP say so.

But in February the attack on early voting lost in the Wisconsin State Senate Committee on Elections and Urban Affairs, 3-2. Senate Bill 324 lost in committee but few believe that will stop Republicans if they have the votes to pass the bill.

Sen. Frank Lasee (R-De Pere) stood up for democracy and voted No.

Why would someone want to attack voting? Because they are Republicans, a new anti-American breed that simply does not like democracy.

Sen. Lasee is an exception.

Outgoing Wisconsin State Senator Dale Schultz (R-Richland Center) may also be an exception, as Schultz has criticized the new Republican Party in Wisconsin as captured by extreme special interests, explaining this it why he is leaving the Wisconsin legislature.

Republicans hold a narrow 18-15 advantage in the senate, gerrymandered to elect Republicans. So Schultz' opposition to SB 324 would make the vote 17-16 against stopping early voting in Wisconsin.

Without attacking voting, Scott Walker knows he's in trouble.

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