Feb 15, 2014

Minnesota Wins, Wisconsin Loses Under Scott Walker

Update: Wisconsin back to Number One in Unemployment Claims.

Bill O'Neill in the Dunn County News shows us the dismal direction that Scott Walker has taken Wisconsin, while neighboring Minnesota has surged forward.

Many Wisconsin citizens, eternally optimistic, believe that if we can just get the kid—Scott Walker—into the real world out of his cocoon, Walker might see the damage he's done and change course.

Unfortunately, destroying Wisconsin's public schools, polluting Wisconsin's waters, and taking pay-offs from the Koch brothers and other out-of-state billionaires are what Scott Walker is; and critical thinking and self-reflection by Walker are not in the offing.

No amount of exposure to the real world will change the mind of a corrupt Tea Bagger without conscience.

Writes O'Neill:

The Koch brothers laughed all the way to the bank.

Now The New York Times (Jacobs) reports that "Wisconsin lags behind Minnesota in job creation and economic growth. ... Along with California, Minnesota is the fifth fastest growing state economy in the nation, while Wisconsin ranks 34th in job growth." And (Minnesota) Governor Dayton accepted the Obamacare plan, saving millions for Minnesotans and providing the lowest health care premiums in the country.

This has been a useful experiment. We can now report the outcome: Minnesota wins. Wisconsin loses.

There's an election coming, folks. The road signs are clear. It's time to correct our mistakes.

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