Jan 29, 2014

The GOP: Vandalism and Sabotage

An anti-social movement in American politics does not get acknowledged enough: the Republican Party.

Last night was an opportunity for Republicans to tell the American people what they want to do in public policy.

Instead, the GOP response to the State of the Union Address ranged from vacuous to Rand Paul, a man who as judged by his ruminations on government ought to be an an also-ran for a Village Board member.

Paul is arguably the leading candidate for the nominee for the U.S. presidency of a major political party. Perfect for the Republicans.

The plain truth is the Koch brothers-fueled GOP continues its assault on the USA that is nothing short of vandalism and economic sabotage, en effort protected by obstructing the American people from voting.

This anti-American attack did not merit inclusion last night by the president speaking to the state of the union.

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