Jan 16, 2014

Rumbles from Veterans About New VA Rule for Disabilities

Help for veterans or vile insurance company
The question needs to be asked: Is the Obama administration all-in on helping veterans, or is it veering into the neocon territory of its predecessor?

Jamie Reno has the story in an exclusive at: Is VA deliberately blocking disabled from benefits? And it sure ain't good.

The VA (DVA) is pushing a change in disability applications that could stiff veterans in a manner the rightwing American Enterprise Institute could only dream.

"The scope of this proposal is enormous. If adopted, every year, hundreds of thousands of disabled veterans’ claims and appeals will get shot down by VA before the agency even reviews them," notes Michael Zacchea, a board member at Veterans for Common Sense.

If anyone sees an interest in helping veterans, check out Reno's piece.

The VA and its Veterans Benefit Administration are starting to look again like a particularly hostile health insurance company.

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