Jan 30, 2014

Ease up on Atlanta Folks about Weather

Growing up in Wisconsin, I used to hear funny stories from relatives from Georgia about how the state's Clayton and Fulton (Atlanta) counties would be become paralyzed with two inches of snow.

Now, an ice storm (with a little snow) leaving many stranded and endangered has brought down heat on Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Reed is "battling back against criticisms he was ill-prepared for Winter Storm Leon and calling out TV networks for broadcasting images of stranded drivers outside city limits."

Guess what.

Reed cannot control the weather, nor the effect an ice storm has on Atlanta's infamously busy interstate highways.

So, everyone and that includes Georgia natives, ought to cut Reed a little slack.

I spoke to a relative living in Clayton County last night. She reports the ice is bad, but "if you don't like the weather, just wait a little bit and it will change."

Georgia residents can complain about the weather, but like the rest of the country there is very little anyone can do about it, and even in the northern states of our country there is even less anybody can do about ice.

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