Dec 10, 2013

Republican Jurisprudence—Protecting Police Felons, Preventing Civil Liberties

Update: See also Texas campus cop empties gun on unarmed student: ‘Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?’ Student killed in traffic stop.

The following video of a recent police assault against a mother and her family demonstrates anew why the GOP's 5-4 decision in Atwater V. Lago Vista (2001) is of critical importance as a virtual police state holds sway in many spheres of police-public interaction.

From the Lawrence O'Donnell Show, is a video of a panicked mother fleeing police felons in New Mexico. The officer then incredibly opens fire on the vehicle fleeing the police crime. The officer was later fired after the video aired on national TV. More and more, we see police officers acting as felons and an American public becoming victims of police empowered by law enforcement administrations and the U.S. Supreme Court.

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