Nov 10, 2013

Wash Post: Scott Walker Ripped off Wisconsin on High-Speed Rail

Scott Walker - Jobs Destroyer
Wisconsin Jobs—California, here we come.

Juliet Eilperin in this morning's Sunday Washington Post has an explosive piece on how Scott Walker's rejection of $823 million in federal money in 2011 for a high-speed rail project, a jobs-intensive high speed rail project, is blowing up in Wisconsin's face.

And the costs are mounting.

Reads Eilperin piece: "Wisconsin’s Republican governor, Scott Walker, rejected $823 million in funding that the federal government was offering, and the Transportation Department transferred the funds to California."

Nice job, Scott Walker. Did you know that one aspect of being governor is not destroying jobs?

Apparently not; because among Wisconsin border states, Wisconsin is still bringing up the rear.

Does Scott Walker really want to run for president?

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