Nov 18, 2013

Republican Line on John Doe Probe Is Another Lie

Walker's $ Millions fending off Recalls
are being looking at with cause
The Wall Street Journal screams "Wisconsin Political Speech raided."

The Free Republic says, "Wisconsin Special Prosecutor Targets Supporters of Scott Walker."

The GOP's Wisconsin Reporter says, "Sources: Secret probe targeting conservatives is abuse of prosecutorial powers."

You get the message.

Worth noting by the way is the last time the Republicans screamed this loudly about the John Doe probe of 2010-2013, six criminal convictions resulted.

As two convictions were for the embezzlement from military veterans by personally appointed aides of Scott Walker, I guess the GOP position is never mind about that.

So how do Republicans pretend to know this investigation is improper in any way, as John Doe probes are secret.

To edify the Republicans, nearing hysterics, about this Wisconsin John Doe probe, a judge [in this case, Kenosha County Circuit Judge Barbara A. Kluka] convenes a John Doe proceeding in Wisconsin:

By statute 968.26 (2) (b):

The judge shall convene a proceeding as described under sub. (3) if he or she determines that a proceeding is necessary to determine if a crime has been committed. When determining if a proceeding is necessary, the judge may consider the law enforcement investigative reports, the records and case files of the district attorney, and any other written records that the judge finds relevant.
No one is being targeted, the whole point as noted at this site, is to determine whether crimes have been committed and by whom. And no judge worth her salt is going to approve a John Doe probe without cause.

So, if Republicans have a problem with the probe, and have a problem with Francis Schmitz, the special prosecutor, tell it to Judge Kluka.

And tell it specifically to the Wisconsin people. What is is improper? Tell us some facts. Is there a problem with Judge Kluka, tell us and offer facts.

As for ignoring the subpoena's secrecy codicils, Eric O'Keefe, the director of the Wisconsin Club for Growth, should be held in contempt, with possible obstruction charges, by Judge Kluka.

You cannot just tell a judge: Forget it, get lost; I don't recognize the authority of your subpoena, your court or the investigation over which you precide.

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