Nov 22, 2013

President Kennedy hated by white supremacists and states' rights advocates

MLK Jr. and JFK in 1961
From 1964 Freedom Summer Collection at the Wisconsin Historical Society:
President Kennedy was hated by white supremacists and states' rights advocates in Mississippi. In 1962, the state Senate passed a resolution declaring its "complete, entire and utter contempt for the Kennedy administration" and "calling upon its sister states to join in ridding this once great nation of the Kennedy family dynasty and accompanying evils." One state senator even declared,"We must win this fight regardless of the cost in time, effort, money, and in human lives." Journalist Jerry DeMuth describes the state's maverick Democrats and their animosity toward the Kennedy's in this unpublished 1964 essay: DeMuth--Jerry DeMuth papers, 1962-1987.

Reads a telling sentence from DeMuth's papers: "The one party system continues to exist because Mississippi carefully controls those who vote."

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