Oct 5, 2013

Tea Party Letter Indicts GOP on Shutdown

Rep. James Sensenbrenner signed Tea Party letter
calling for government shutdown
Update: A Federal Budget Crisis Months in the Planning (Stolberg, McIntire. NYT)

"More than a third of congressional Republicans told their leader on Thursday (August 2013) to shut down government rather than pay for the Obamacare health care law, according to the Associated Press."

So reads an August piece by Jennifer Jacobs in the Des Monies Register.

The corporate media is sticking to its who-is-to-blame blather, despite the fact we have known for months the GOP suicide caucus has called for a government shutdown.

The Tea Party letter calls explicitly for a government shutdown unless the Affordable Health Care Act is somehow repealed.

The Tea Party called for the shutdown; House Speaker John Boehner gave the Tea Party the shutdown; and is actively blocking an up-or-down vote on a bill ending the shutdown.

Every honest news headline should read some variation of:

Tea Party to Blame for Government Shutdown; 
John Boehner Still Blocking Vote to End Government Shutdown

"Harry Reid and his Democrats will have no incentive to compromise unless they know the Republicans are willing to take a hard stance -- even allowing the government to be shut down, if necessary -- in order to stop the catastrophically unworkable and unaffordable health care law from taking effect," the Tea Party-FreedomWorks, website says in pushing for supports for the shutdown letter.

In Wisconsin, Rep. James Sensenbrenner is the only member to have signed the August Tea Party letter.

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