Oct 3, 2013

Iron County DA Is Minimizing Child Sex Trade

Update: District Attorney Lipske is shocked, shocked to find prostitution rings operating in Iron County. And child-sex trafficking rackets, who would have thought: Rural, isolated Iron County? Anybody who looked; that's who.

A 14-year-old woman runs screaming out a motel in Hurley, Wisconsin in Iron County, and is apparently a victim of sex trafficking.

And we have the Iron County District Attorney, Martin Lipske, playing the limited-hang-out game

Below is video of Lipske portraying one Dennis D. Braun as a harmless, "elderly gentleman" just looking for company.

Now, just breaking we find out Braun sought and was granted a liquor license on the city of Hurley's topless bar section of town and Braun is at the center of the scandal.

There is no end to what Lipske is capable of both in persecuting the innocent, and protecting the guilty:
From Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction:

Today, WJFW TV-12 NewsCenter revealed  67-year-old Mercer man, Dennis D. Braun is at the center of the sex trafficking case in Iron County, Wisconsin.

According to newspaper archives at the Ironwood Daily Globe, Braun was reported on June 12th, 2003, to have sought and gained a liquor license at 21 Silver St., Hurley in Hurley's notorious lower block where several topless bars and strip clubs operate.
21 Silver St. in Hurley is well known to be the address of a topless bar known by several different names through the years including Club 21 and currently as Club Sierra.
DA Martin J. Lipske has yet to charge Braun for his involvement in the sex trafficking case which saw three Milwaukee women, Tamyra Thomas, Nikia Burchette and Tanya Brown arrested on several felony charges including human trafficking and trafficking of a child.
Braun claims he found an ad in milwaukee.backpage.com advertising escort services to which he replied to. He reportedly offered the women $1,000 for their services plus traveling money. DA Lipske says charges are pending against Braun for his involvement.

Too much light on this for Lipske to run interference for Braun on this one.