Oct 3, 2013

Child Sex Trafficking in Iron County

Updated - "There's nothing glorifying about this," said Iron County District Attorney Marty Lipske.

No shit.

If any more evidence were needed that isolated Iron County Wisconsin is a sick den of corruption; comes a news headline today:

Three women charged in alleged child sex trafficking in Iron County

"It's not just an urban problem, it can also be a rural problem and with the advent of the internet it can happen anywhere," Iron County District Attorney Marty Lipske said.

You think?

Lipske's Iron County has been a notorious playground for corruption and the sex trade for many years.

Below is video of Lipske portraying one Dennis D. Braun as a harmless, elderly gentleman just looking for company.

Now, just breaking we find out Braun sought and was granted a liquor license on the city of Hurley's topless bar section of town and Braun is at the center of the scandal.

There is no end to what Lipske is capable of both in persecuting the innocent, and protecting the guilty:

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