Sep 19, 2013

Drinking Downstream from the Penokee Mountain Is Lake Superior

Nature's Intent. The Penokee Mountain and Copper Falls rock and stone beds are at work right now. They deliver water quickly, like a lightning flash, downstream. The same rocks that currently deliver mystery, speed, rapids and magnificent Falls are also the same ones that will deliver the wrath and guts of a Mountain mine downstream. Like a lightning flash......Drinking downstream are Lake Superior, humans, frogs and wild rice. Smooth rocks don't keep water around and soak up poison. We do. Alter the land you alter the people but alter the land you also alter the rocks. Right now the water runs the way nature intended and those rocks are in good spirits and in the rocks are good spirits delivering water.
- Mike Wiggins Jr.

Beautiful stuff, Chief Wiggins. 

Under federal law, "the question is: 'Will this mining complex adversely affect the habitat of treaty-protected species?' If so, the proposed mining project will have to be revised or abandoned," said Charles Wilkinson, Moses Lasky Professor of Law at the University of Colorado Law School. 

Have never met you, but it feels good to fight at your side for the Earth.

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