Aug 15, 2013

Why the Wisconsin Innocence Project Is Prowling Around Iron County Today

Two members of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Innocence Project are working tenaciously in Iron County today and this week.

Their mission: To free and exonerate Donald R. Miller, serving a 42-year sentence for a crime made-up out of whole cloth and malice by a serial liar.

The Wisconsin Innocence Project (WIP) "seeks to exonerate the innocent, educate (law) students, and reform the criminal justice system by identifying and remedying the causes of wrongful convictions."

Miller's parents moved to Iron County from near Milwaukee to retire and work to free their innocent son, imprisoned since 1997.

Miller's son, Kirk, failed in this mission of freeing his father; and distraught working against the pathological lies of Iron County DA Martin Lipske and Iron County Judge Patrick J. Madden, committed suicide.

No one there in Iron County is giving up on Don Miller.

This commitment applies across the world as a handful Iron County residents have built 1,000s of supporters through their various websites—Anatomy of Wrongful Conviction and Free Don Miller (Facebook).

Get curious; join me in reporting this obscenity happening not in Texas or Alabama but in Iron County Wisconsin.
Iron County DA Martin Lipske taunts Don Miller in prison in this letter, saying he cannot
write in support of parole because Miller's parents are working to clear Miller's name.
This is the second time Lipske has reneged on an agreement to call for Miller's release.

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