Aug 23, 2013

Christopher Cline, a Billionaire Who Could Not Care Less about Wisconsin

Penokee Hills
Mary Annette Pember has nice bio on billionaire and mega-yacht enthusiast, Christopher Cline, the man behind the proposed Gogebic Taconite Mine.

So, Cline's proposed 20-mile open pit mine going is going to cause terrible problems in the waters and land of northern Wisconsin.

Tell it to somebody who cares; Cline's busy at his 33,413 square foot mansion in North Palm Beach, Florida, and having his cronies funnel money to Scott Walker and other favored politicians.

Writes Geraldine Fabrikant in the Times:
The 161-foot Mine Games, a boat built by Trinity Yachts of Gulfport, Miss., was put on the market for $27 million (in 2011) ... because its owner, Chris Cline, who heads Cline Resource and Development, a mine development company, had a larger boat on order.
If you think Cline is in this for anything but getting his money and leaving behind a waste, you're kidding yourself.

So, when Cline's water carriers tell you all Cline cares about is full employment, jobs (just ask 'em) and the environment, if you have an IQ exceeding 80, don't believe it.

Cline knows he's not wanted; but that is not his concern.

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