Jul 15, 2013

Thousands Rally for Trayvon Martin in NY; Municipal Profiling Continues

Clearly dangerous protesters walk in support of Trayvon Martin;
Massive March in New York (Jessica Lehrman / Gothamist)
If you have a political statement to make, and publicly display your sentiment, you are in a state of unrest—a potentially dangerous state of mind that must that must be survived, controlled and to varying extents, arrested and thrown in jail.

A reckless approach to liberty which profiles demonstrators the same way two black men walking in public are profiled, potential menaces who at any moment might kill or rape you.

An exaggeration?

This is America in 2013, as some 12 years after 9/11 militarized, far too often local police see their jobs as controlling speech and liberties.

Christopher Robbins reports in The Gothamist:

... "People are showing, spontaneously, that they care. People care. With the Voting Rights Act getting stripped, it's open fucking season. People know it."

She added, "And they're not happy about it." 
Hitting the streets is not as American as it used to be.

The last, not the first or near the first, action that should be taken in a constitutional democratic republic is to take away the liberty of an individual.

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