Jul 28, 2013

Scott Walker's Targeting Cities, Towns and Villages Hurt Business

Infrastructure - Credit Doug Wallick (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Betsy Bloom of La CrosseTribune reports on the growing concern that Wisconsin municipalities have at Scott Walker and the Republican Party's insistence that Walker wants to run communities from the governor's mansion, coupled with the GOP insistence on rejecting public investments in neglected infrastructure.

"Everything we do is about jobs," said Racine Mayor John Dickert, president of the [Urban Alliance of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities], said during a news conference at Piggy’s restaurant in La Crosse.

Four Chinese investors who visited Racine last week didn’t ask about taxes but about efficient transportation, a trained workforce and the quality of life along Lake Michigan, Dickert said.

Cities must be able to provide the infrastructure, such as good roads, and public services to meet those needs, Dickert said.

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