Jul 11, 2013

Private Military Displays Anti-public Attitude of Mining Mogul and Scott Walker

Rightwing militia, armed against
citizens of northern Wisconsin. Mercs
are paid by rightwing corporations,
for whom the Wisconsin GOP works.

Update: A Teamsters writer asks of "Bulletproof" militia: What are you contemplating, a Ludlow Massacre (1914)? Are folks in northern Wisconsin really that threatening?

Nobody has any business walking around illegally we now know armed with the type of paramilitary weapons used in the Connecticut massacre of 20 children, not in this society.

Not even municipal police officers who risk their lives have any business turning into such an quasi-military force.

News that Gogebic Taconite's armed militia is being kicked out of Wisconsin for the time being is welcome news indeed.

But the private military parading in northern Wisconsin reveals something else that the Gogebic Taconite and Scott Walker have in common: A fear and disdain of the people of Wisconsin.

The GOP's mining legislation written by and for Gogebic Taconite enabling the massive open-pit mine of course also demonstrates the contempt the Republican Party has for the citizens and the democratic processes.

This is not the our parents' Republican Party.

This is an extremist band of social engineers, attempting to remake our country without consulting the citizens of our union and obtaining their consent, and the GOP endeavors to destroy the formal processes of democracy itself as it continues its attack against voting.

That this group of violent-minded social engineers have no regard for the people of Wisconsin is a vast under statement.

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