Jun 14, 2013

Stop Me from Killing Again, Scott Walker Says to GOP Ripping-off Veterans

Still hiding
C'mon guys, my former aides stole from veterans. I appointed these guys!

Just another Scott Walker dance, as Walker pretends the Wisconsin GOP legislature is a separate operation from the governor's office.

A move by Wisconsin Republicans to strip disabled veterans of property tax credit benefits is drawing major blow-back on the presidential pretender, so look for Walker and the GOP to make this anti-veteran move go away, fast.

The measure makes Walker's buddy and a former top aide, Tim Russell—who embezzled from veterans—look like Mr. Social Conscience by comparison.

Not separate, but incompetent.

"Governor Walker hopes the Legislature will fix the issue, but will review the budget in its entirety when it gets to his desk," said Walker spokesman Tom Evenson, the Wisconsin State Journal reports, while going along with the pretense that there is no coordination between Walker and the GOP legislature.

Give me a break, if the GOP and Walker want the anti-veteran measure out, it's out.

Now, Walker can say: I stand with veterans [when my aides are not embezzling from veterans and when I don't trash the veterans' health care facilities].

Bottom line: Walker is too much a lightweight, an incompetent, surrounding himself with inadequate personalities and like-minded extremists for the Republican Party to consider Walker seriously for President.

Walker just gets money from the presidential chatter, a pretty good benefit, while he and the GOP legislature dance around Wisconsin public policy like two embezzling Walker appointees in love.

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  1. I left Vietnam in 1971 without a Purple Heart, but my time spent there will be the cause of my demise.

    In 2003 the Veterans Administration determined that “Compelling evidence has emerged within the scientific community that exposure to herbicides such as Agent Orange is associated with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)."

    In 2005 at the age of 53 and at the height of my earnings power I was diagnosed with CLL. I few years later I had to leave the work force to attend to my health. Living on a VA disability stipend and a reduced retirement benefit from a former employer has not afforded me the greatest live styles. The Veterans Property Tax Credit is a benefit that I greatly appreciated.

    When I first heard about this attempt to put a cap on the amount allowed I assumed it was initiated by one of the many representatives who don't like South Eastern Wisconsin. I live in Glendale and face property taxes of over $5,000 on my two bedroom ranch home.

    I understand that in 2011, the most recent year for which numbers are available, 5,892 veterans and surviving spouses claimed $17.3 million in credits, up from 5,047 claimants and $14.9 million in 2010. This Tax Credit is needed! There is a growing number of newly service-disabled veterans from the current era, particularly Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans. A growing number of veterans from the current wars who are immediately rated totally and permanently disabled at or following discharge from military service. And a substantial number of new presumptive conditions related to Agent Orange, Gulf War Illness, and endemic diseases, leading to an increase in the number of newly service-connected and increased SCD ratings.