Jun 15, 2013

Scott Walker Behaved Cordially in Radio Interview, Reports WKOW Scoop

Well-known broadcast reporter, Tony Galli, puts out more than his share of investigative reporting and exclusives for WKOW TV (Madison, Wisconsin).

But Mr. Galli's Inside Scoop desk is hitting the Summer news doldrums a little early this year.

Galli's current Inside Scoop story is headlined "Governor cordial during long-time critic Sly’s drive-by."

Since when is a sitting governor—an erstwhile presidential candidate—behaving cordially considered news, much less a scoop?

Is Galli setting the public service bar a little low for Scott Walker?

Walker intently avoids listening sessions with the Wisconsin people, an odd posture for a guy who fans the flames of political chatter on his presidential ambitions. Actually, Walker is just looking to cash in at Fox News, he won't be president anymore than our neighbor down the street.

All we have from Galli on this latest piece is a link to Sly's podcast.

Walker meanwhile remains in an undisclosed location.

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