Jun 12, 2013

No time for sheep

A look at the morning Inbox demonstrates renewed faith in our capacity to massively surveil our planet's climate; reverse our economys' use of the planet as a repository for waste, and deciding that innovative sustainability, peace and cooperation are national security and humanity security imperatives.

Think of what we are doing to the planet as a giant cigarette injecting its toxic contents into our childrens' organs at an accelerated rate; compounding the results by altering global systems, "climate forcings;" and poisoning our children and their children while guaranteeing disasters not yet imagined.

Carbon energy extraction forces such as the Koch brothers; destructive tools such as Scott Walker; and the bigoted and hateful need to be opposed by people working just a little to save and civilize.

Give up nothing to save everything.

Sounds like a good political slogan.

Our country and our civilization cannot afford Republicans as a force in this world, nor Democratic Party sheep. Peacefully oppose.

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