Apr 3, 2013

Politics Is Local; Wisconsin GOP Politics Remain Corrupt

Fitchburg, Wisconsin alder,
Dorothy Krause beats back
a racist whisper campaign
Updated - Unofficial Turnout 19.3 percent for April 2 Wisconsin Election -
No major surprises in Wisconsin outside of a longtime Madison alder getting beat on the near-west side by progressive newcomer, John Strasser.

Overwhelming money again bought a GOP Supreme Court justice reelection.

Progressive politics continues to dominate in Dane County, Wisconsin.

In Fitchburg, Wisconsin alder, Dorothy Krause, handily beat back a challenge that featured a racist, whisper campaign from some involved in a neighborhood association who tried to divide minority and young voters from the community.

Not sure folks can use neighborhood associations that way in electoral campaigns, I know they ought not.

That racist campaign lost. As a 93-year-old black man, named Percy, said to me, "I was here again to cast my vote again, sir," as he waited for a cab. I asked him if he wanted a chair [state law allows election inspectors to make reasonable accommodations], and he said he was fine

His dignity did our election night proud.

Alder Krause won by knocking on doors and talking to people, even renters and minorities. "Everyone in my district counts," Krause told me over the weekend.

Our sitting corrupt, GOP justice—aided by the Wisconsin Club for Growth and the Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce's spending $100,000s—won by vastly outspending her opponent, Ed Fallone in a low voter turnout affair.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Justice Pat Roggensack had 478,420 votes to Fallone's 355,591 votes.

Compare those totals to Wisconsin's second-in-the-nation turnout (some 72 percent) in the 2012 presidential general election:  1,620,985 votes (Obama-Biden) to 1,407,966 votes (Romney-Ryan), and every serious political observer sees why an unscrupulous GOP wants to obstruct voters from voting.

President Obama's total vote alone was almost twice that of the Roggensack-Fallone race total vote combined.

Don't look for Roggensack to recuse herself from cases involving the two groups [Wisconsin Club for Growth and the Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce]; they put her back into office and Roggensack serves for their purposes and that of the Republican Party.

Tony Evers, Wisconsin State School Superintendent, beat a Republican, anti-public school whack whom even some Republicans were reportedly embarrassed to have in the rightwing, gerrymandered state assembly.

In Dane County, Rhonda Lanford beat a Scott Walker-appointed judge (thought well of by many Democrats) who was perceived as cozying up too much with Walker by spouting Republican judicial pablum in her application for the job.

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