Mar 31, 2013

Jake at Kos Crunches Wisconsin Supreme Court Numbers

Jake formerly of the LP, at Daily Kos crunches the numbers on the Wisconsin Supreme Court race this-coming Tuesday.

Two thoughts after reading Jake's numbers, assuming other factors:

One is I doubt there will be the crushing margins that Scott Walker gave Tom Barrett in the northeast and central Wisconsin counties in June 2012. Not only do the GOP forces not have $70-million-plus to spend on a state the size of Wisconsin as in the Recall election, the GOP's Roggensack will not get the benefit of the anti-recall vote phenomenon.

Secondly, Milwaukee and the southeast need to turn out. I know, this is obvious.

So, can the Fallone turn-out operation do the job? We'll soon know.

Every religious-minded, black-hating, gun-loving, worker-despising Wisconsin citizen will be hearing a lot from the GOP the next two days.

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