Feb 7, 2013

Walker Still Keeps Criminal Defense Fund Contributors Secret

  • When he says he believes in government transparency, it's not just a campaign slogan, Walker said. "I don't just say that, I've lived it," he said. (Jim Rowen. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Nov.21, 2012)
  •  My first question was a softball: “Will you pledge right now to run the most open, transparent gubernatorial administration in the history of the universe?” Gov.-elect Scott Walker’s one-word reply: “Absolutely.” (Mark Pitsch. Capital Times and Wisconsin State Journal. Dec 23, 2010)
One typically does not begin a short column with bulleted quotes.

Then again we typically do not have a governor in Wisconsin accepting $100,000s given to a secret criminal defense fund, putting the lie to a central campaign promise vis a vis his direct predecessor.

As John Nichols writes: "While most Americans were preparing to celebrate New Year’s Eve, newly released documents revealed that Wisconsin’s governor was quietly doing something else: transferring $40,000 from his campaign account to the secretive fund he uses to pay some of the top criminal defense lawyers in the country."

If all Scott Walker wants to do is "cooperate" with the John Doe probe charged with finding out if and by whom crimes have been committed during Walker's tenure as Milwaukee County Executive, he can stop his stonewalling and say to John Doe investigators and the Wisconsin people: 'Ask me anything. My commitment to openness and transparency is absolute. '

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