Feb 1, 2013

'Massive layoffs’ predicted in law schools due to big drop in applicants

Update II: Wisconsin-Madison jumps to 16th best law school in the National Jurist ranking.

Update: Just about any professional service field is feeling the pinch of the worst recession since the Great Depression.The field of law—as studied locally in Wisconsin remains—is not immune. Locally, the Capital Times ran a piece with the law school Dean Raymond noting the imperative of the school to be "creative" and "prepared" for changing dynamics in placing law school graduates.

"A plunge in the number of applicants to law schools will likely lead to closures and faculty layoffs, according to law professors following the statistics," writes Debra Cassens Weiss in the ABA journal yesterday.

Based on current trends, the number of law school applicants for the 2013 school year is expected to number between 53,000 and 54,000, a 30-year low. In 2004, for example, 100,000 people applied to law schools, the New York Times reports. 'Responding to the new environment,' the Times says, 'schools are planning cutbacks and accepting students they would not have admitted before.'"

The Times has been all over this story the last several years.

In Wisconsin, the two law schools in the state remain well-positioned to fight off this national trend of a depressed job market in law.

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