Jan 7, 2013

Black Ice Bad; Giving Blood Good

In Wisconsin and much of the northern part of the U.S., ice remains dangerous, especially during this warm-up after the blizzard that hit Wisconsin the week before Christmas.

Icy roads, icy parking spots, and icy sidewalks remain dangerous; for everyone.

Don't care how long you have lived in, say Wisconsin, ice, especially black ice (invisible ice) is a hazard.

This morning on University Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin, I awaited a video store opening for an ill friend after visiting a pretentious, very pretentious, restaurant near Shorewood Hills. [Wish the late Jack Brooks and Sidney Morgenbesser were in line with me to offer some irreverent comments that escaped me after buying a $1.95 cupcake.]

Anyway, outside a woman walking on what turned out to be a parking spot covered with ice took a fall, and looked to have caught herself okay. I asked if she were fine; she said she was okay but looked stricken and drove away. I hit the area with light-blue ice salts from a near-by salt barrel.

Falling on ice is no joke.

Please be careful, and if you see an icy patch, hit it with some sand or salt and maybe help a stranger this next week as the temperature rises and falls below freezing.


Gave some blood last Saturday in honor of Allen Braund who passed away one year ago from leukemia.

Great time, and the people at BloodCenter of Wisconsin are Aces.

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