Dec 17, 2012

America's Teachers—Makers, Not Takers

Americans come together to oppose
Gov. Scott Walker and the Koch brothers
 - March 12, Madison, Wisconsin [Photo: Leon]

Make that heroes, teachers are heroes.

Paul Ryan, Scott Walker (and Mitt Romney as well) and the rightwing stand mute as their political glory, flying under the banners of liberty, the NRA, ALEC/Koch brothers/Bradley and the Tea Party, now aim to silently rig our democracy, or be doomed as a political force.

Maybe they're quiet because they know they went a little too far in demonizing those who called for peace and the common good as unAmerican the last 20 years.

Now, check out the BradBlog to see the shooting gallery America has become.

As the LGBTQ Americans fight for rights, the blacks and browns fight for their right to vote, women fight for their rights to choose, and a major political party—the Republican Party and its sick ally, the Tea Party—pile on the hate to their diminishing white majority, to the point of demonizing even teachers, there are consequences.

Of course, James Dobson blames marriage equality, civil rights and a woman's rights to choose as the causes of the massacre of children.

Horrifying acts are the "consequences," in Dobson's world as Americans unwisely stand up for each others' rights.

The GOP continues demonizing the other, while glorifying guns and the Volk common man, the real Americans; so the religious right points to disfavored human beings, less-than human in the eyes of its chosen metaphysical power looking over the 'real America'.

Check this guy out at the 07:09 mark in this linked video from western Pennsylvania extolling the American volk during the 2008 presidential campaign:

"It's the common man. It's the common man. He's (Obama) never lived the life. He's grown up in cities in his own entire life. This is country. This is God's country. He's never seen it. He can't relate with us. We're the back-bone of this country; we hard-working, blue-collar workers that keep this country running. He talks like he know us; he doesn't know us."

Most of these idiots are not organized. The SPLC does keep taps of the ones who are organized. Check out the Google ad above you might see; might read asking the reader if she wishes to secede from the Union, at [See also G. Pascal Zachary's The Will to Secede in In These Times]

The point here is that by demonizing teachers, demonizing anyone for political purposes, hateful disease-filled minds will act.

We ought to endlessly remind ourselves of the words of Ralph McGill: "It is an old, old story. It is one repeated over and over again in history. When the wolves of hate are loosed on one people, then no one is safe." (Atlanta Constitution, Oct. 13, 1958)

The next time the GOP provides itself as a ready vehicle to relay hate; to inflict its "toxic brand of political fundamentalism -- heartless and historically unprecedented," as Paul Fanlund points out, -- it ought to consider that dividing Americans and stoking hate among people will sow a harvest.

Solidarity, community and free association have always been the better route. Even Ronald Reagan acclaimed the importance of, "... restoring one of the most elemental human rights—the right to belong to a free trade union."

Solidarity, human rights, community and unions—the opposite of paranoid, delusional mad dog minds who must be stopped.

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