Nov 8, 2012

Wisconsin was 10th closest race, notes Cillizza

Wisconsin's status as a swing state won't change despite President Obama's 6.7 percent victory Tuesday.

Chirs Cillizza notes today in the Washington Post that Wisconsin proved to be the tenth closest race in the country.

The difference propelling Obama to victory is Milwaukee County. Obama won 320,654 votes, garnering 66.97% in Milwaukee County.

Milwaukee County turns out and Democrats win. The City of Milwaukee had a 87 percent turnout rate, reports the MJS.

For the Republican Party and the Tea Party, something must be done to stop Milwaukee voters from voting, especially those black Milwaukee voters trying to pass themselves off as good Americans.

Something must be done.

Well, the Republicans have their gerrymandered legislative districts now.

One wonders what they will try to do in a state where the right to vote is well protected.

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