Nov 28, 2012

Walker Probe Is to Determine If and When a Crime Was Committed

Rightwingers really live in their own world.

Like when they say the John Doe probe is now winding up. You know that how?

Republicans know perfectly well, I think, that the John Doe proceedings are over when the DA and presiding judge say the proceedings over, the whole point of the John Doe probe is to determine if and by whom crimes were committed.

As has been pointed out now, but never repeated by the corporate press, in Wisconsin, no one is ever told he or she is a 'target' of a John Doe investigation until he or she is charged with a crime, at which point being a target is readily apparent.

Telling a criminal suspect that he or she is a 'target' would, in the words of one jurist, "defeat the purpose" of a John Doe investigation.

Still Walker and his lackeys keep repeating Walker's I'm-not-a-target nonsense. You know that how?

Wisconsin statute 968.26 on John Doe proceedings is the statutory authority for conducting John Doe probes in Wisconsin.

The John Doe investigation began because Scott Walker covered up the crimes of his Milwaukee County Executive's office.

As Dan Bice reported in June 2012:

"Milwaukee County prosecutors opened the secret John Doe criminal investigation more than two years ago after being stonewalled by Gov. Scott Walker's office when he was county executive, according to a newly released record."

Scott Walker is the problem, and cause of the John Doe probe.

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