Nov 15, 2012

Forget about David Petraeus, Hypocrite-Christian Type

General, you want to put that Bible somewhere?
Our friend, Chris Rodda, reminds us that Gen. Petraeus pushed mandatory Army-wide "Spiritual Fitness" tests.

Writes Rodda:
One of the big issues we’ve been dealing with for several years at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) is the military’s push to make our troops “spiritually fit.” There’s the mandatory Army-wide “Spiritual Fitness” test, spiritual fitness concerts, spiritual fitness centers, and lots of other spiritual fitness events and programs to keep our military “spiritual.” But while the military insists that “spiritual fitness” does not mean religion, it does. All of this spiritual fitness stuff, which the military spares no expense on, is just a cover to push religion, and particularly evangelical Christianity. The spiritual fitness concerts always have evangelical Christian performers and most of the Army’s Strong Bonds events are really just evangelical Christian retreats.

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