Oct 15, 2012

Tommy Thompson's Son tells crowd: Send Obama back to Kenya at GOP Event

Tommy Thompson cashed in on white fear of blacks his whole political life.

Now, his son, Jason, has taken up the torch, with no objection from anyone in the Republican Party, but rather applause, laughter and a supporter chiming in, "We’re taking donations for that Kenya trip."

One big, happy, white party. How GOPers and Tea Partiers are not filled with disgust at this routine appeal to racism remains an unanswered question.

There was a time, less than 50 years ago, when this racist tripe would have been booted out the party. No more, not today.

As Harold Meyerson writes:
The Republican ticket may hail from Massachusetts and Wisconsin, but Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan head the most Southernized major U.S. political party since Jefferson Davis’s day. In its hostility toward minorities, exploitation of racism, antipathy toward government and suspicion of science, today’s Republican Party represents the worst traditions of the South’s dankest backwaters. No other party in U.S. history has done such a 180. Founded as the party of the anti-slavery North and committed to deep governmental involvement in spurring the economy (land-grant colleges, the Homestead Act, the transcontinental railway), today’s GOP is the negation of Abraham Lincoln’s Republicans. It is almost entirely white — 92 percent, compared with just 58 percent of Democrats. It is disproportionately Southern — 49 percent of Republicans live in the South vs. 39 percent of Democrats.

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