Oct 24, 2012

Tommy Thompson Hits Botton—9/11 Ad Is "Desperate and Disgusting

Yesterday, Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin (PFFW) President Mahlon Mitchell released the following statement condemning a new TV ad from U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson that uses images of the 9/11 tragedy and loss of life to launch a dishonest ad that tries to suggest Tammy Baldwin opposes honoring the victims of the 9/11 terrorists attack on America.\

"It's desperate and disgusting for Tommy Thompson to play politics with the loss of human life and the 9/11 tragedy. For Tommy Thompson to attack Tammy Baldwin's patriotism and make dishonest claims about her strong record of accomplishment supporting first responders is simply disgraceful. We stand with Tammy Baldwin against these dishonorable political tactics that have no place in Wisconsin."

Amoral and respectful of nothing but himself: That's Tommy Thompson

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