Oct 30, 2012

Romney Is Inept and Foolish on Hurricane Sandy Response

Mitt Romney is not even an elected official and he is screwing up the response to Hurricane Sandy.

Instead of heeding Red Cross directives on how to help the victims, the Romney campaign has privatized its own efforts and now has turned its cynicism and sloppiness into a last-minute campaign advertisement.

Meanwhile, President Obama continues his steady leadership winning bi-partisan plaudits, and Obama 2012 has delivered an e-mail campaign following the directives of the Red Cross to address the disaster.

See Romney criticized for turning Hurricane relief event into political rally, for a read on the depths Romney will plunge, even now.

Seriously wondering if Romney—who has called for the elimination of FEMA and of course changed his mind once this idiocy was widely exposed—is capable of doing anything besides screwing other people for his own perceived self interest.

Look for Romney surrogates to suggest—ludicrously, and with no evidence—that the Obama campaign is now politicizing Hurricane Sandy precisely because President Obama is winning bi-partisan praise going into election day.

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