Oct 9, 2012

Paul Ryan: An American Taker

Update: Ryan family business benefits from government spending. BusinessWeek illuminates lucrative government contracts that Ryan doesn't support (at least in theory)
The 14 scariest words in American politics: 'We're from the Republican Party, and we're here to save Social Security and Medicare.'

Paul Ryan, still dedicated to the 1950s whack Ayn Rand, likes to split Americans into the makers and the takers—takers being veterans, seniors, and the working class who pay state, local, sales, and payroll taxes but owe no federal income taxes every January 31.

But Ryan knows a lot about the benefits of federal taxes. Ryan since the early 1990s and continuing today has received his salary, accrued pension and health care benefits courtesy of the American tax payer.

In return, Ryan presents an extremist plan that promises to dismantle Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while blowing up the deficit even more than Bush and Cheney did.

The question now is will President Obama vow to defend Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid from Romney, Ryan and Republicans in Congress.

One hopes the president sees the folly in rationally engaging the brand of extremists who now dominate the the Republican Party: Takers from the American people with Romney along for the ride.

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