Oct 25, 2012

GOPers and Tea Partiers Are Cowards and Racists

The Republican Party-Tea Party's grand appeal to racism—locally up to the presidential race—is often noted as the last stand against the brown-yellow-black hoards taking over America.

Changing demographics in fact do make a national racist appeal politically untenable in the coming decades.

But from the local politics of Madison-Fitchburg in Wisconsin to Tommy Thompson (fear the extremist opponent and tell lies stoking the fear) to Mitt Romney, the message is clear: Be afraid.

Best Cleaners - They're Pussies
Here in Madison-Fitchburg, we see a group of black youth and the owner of Best Cleaners in the Meadowood Shopping Center crying about how his rural, white customers won't come around anymore. [the dry cleaning place is not so popular with the brothers.]

But don't look for a message of come-on-down from Best Cleaners; no, it's easier (and more destructive) to take a racist shot; like David Blaska, like the Tea Party, like each and every GO-Tea Partier encountered. It's a surprise this guy gets any business with the marketing skills he apparently possesses.

It doesn't matter that a group of black kids are heading home from an after-school class they just took at the Meadowood neighborhood center; some people just don't like the optics of black people—breathing, laughing fellow human beings who ought to go somewhere else.

The fact is Best Cleaners, Tea Partiers, GOP, your hatred and bigotry is at base: fear. That makes you cowards. That makes you worse than cowards, in my book.

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