Sep 17, 2012

Republicans v. Veterans’ Jobs

The GOP and elements of the media such
as Allen Breed continue their lies that
U.S. veterans and reformist VA elements

effectively collude to commit widespread fraud.
Blaming veterans for illness and injury
has a long and shameful tradition
 Update: Video: GOP Senators Boozman, Johanns, Burr, and Toomey kill veterans' jobs bill

"A jobs bill that would support veterans is being blocked by some wacky maneuvers in the Senate [by the Republicans again]," reads a cheerful NYT editorial this morning.

Check out this NYT commentary for a revealing look at today's GOP distaste for veterans and the GOP's appalling lack of commitment to our troops and Marines.

Sen. Ron Johnson (Tea Party-Wisconsin) votes to obstruct.

"Pass the Veterans Jobs Corps so we can put more vets to work protecting and rebuilding America," demands President Obama repeatedly.

'No,' say the Tea Party and Republicans for whom even veterans are just another tool in their historic obstruction project to drive our country deeper into the ditch, no matter the costs.

"I had this conversation with a guy in the [Bush] White House, the liaison to the Department of Veterans Affairs. This was during the Bush Administration. He said, if we were to keep every promise that we made to the veterans, it would bankrupt us as a nation," said veterans' advocate, Steve Robinson, who challenged President Bush, the VA and the DoD establishment face-to-face on their shameful neglect of the health problems, especially mental-health issues, faced by returning Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans.

The GOP-Tea Party continues this Bush-Cheney legacy of giving veterans their get-lost directive.

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