Sep 5, 2012

On Rahmbo

Rahm Emanuel - aka Rahmbo
With all due respect to the rousing Michelle Obama address warming the hearts of 10s of millions of voters, the biggest news out of Charlotte yesterday is that "Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel ... has dropped his honorary chairmanship of the Obama campaign to help raise big-dollar contributions, [to work] with the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA." (Tom Hamburger and Peter Wallsten)

Rahmbo is a strategist who engineered the Democratic take-over of the House when he worked as chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee during the 2006 mid-term elections.

Now, Rahmbo, seemingly by force of will, will not allow the GOP-Tea Party lies nor its built-in money advantage take the day, like it did in Wisconsin in Scott Walker's recall campaign in which Walker forces outspent recall forces seven-to-one, in a race than featured some $80.9 million spent in a relatively small state.

Rahmbo is no fluffy, cake-eating Democratic bureaucrat.

He is a profane, no-games, get-this-done man of action.

Rahmbo's move is truly the right thing to do, the right time to do it, with the right man at the right place, to borrow from LBJ.

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