Aug 1, 2012

Updated - Scam Artists—Sears Auto West Towne, Madison, Wisconsin

Update: Sears Auto Center, West Towne reverses position and offers full refund. Offer accepted.

Advice: Do not for any reason ever visit the Sears Auto Center, West Towne in Madison, Wisconsin.

522 South Gammon Road
Madison, Wisconsin

From a dissatisfied customer:

These guys act like scam artists.

Would think most readers have had a bad experience with an auto garage once or twice in their lives, but perhaps not like this.

These assholes—in all seriousness—belong in a federal prison for running a RICO operation.

Google 'Sears auto complaints' and results show across the country that Sears generates similar reviews.

This post will stay up for a week, as other legal action is taken.

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