Aug 14, 2012

Mark Pocan's Win Is Nod to Progressive and Positive Politics

Mark Pocan
In the face of relentless, baseless attacks in this campaign, Mark Pocan stood his ground and spoke to the issues, allowing you cannot serve in the U.S. Congress unless you can at least talk to the opposition for whom some 45 percent of our country will cast their vote.

Pocan's win in Wisconsin's second congressional Democratic primary serves as needed proof that class, effectiveness and progressive representation in the tradition of La Follette, Kastenmeier and Baldwin are alive and well.

And importantly, Karl Rove-attack politics appear to becoming increasingly suspect for an electorate looking for results over negative slurs and misrepresentations.

Pocan won by some 50 points over his opponent who seemed oblivious to what one hopes and has good cause to believe is a healthier, results-focused political terrain in Wisconsin leading to the November general elections.

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