Aug 29, 2012

James Vega slams racists in southern US

Update: Two Florida Republicans Want Law Allowing Gun Owners to Shoot 'Illegal' Voters

James Vega reports on the disturbing trend of American white supremacist citizen enforcers who are one small step away from emblazoning their charges with brown shirts in the tradition of the NAZI sturmabteilung (SA).

"There has always been anti-Mexican prejudice in America but it has gained a profoundly new intensity and self-confident sense of official support and sanction ever since the Republican-sponsored state laws were passed. This new level of grass-roots harassment and persecution of Latinos did not begin at the lower orders of society—and then filter upward. Quite the contrary, it was designed at the highest levels of Republican state government and the Republican policy infrastructure and then filtered its way down. In their own minds the grass-roots harassers no longer feel like fringe 'extremists.' They see themselves as supporting a policy designed and endorsed by the highest Republican officials in their state," writes Vega.

Noting the utter lack of dissent in the GOP to self-consciously racist citizen councils, there is a lesson Vega does not touch upon: Never take shit from a racist.

By James Vega

"To get a flavor of what people like my (Latino) brother in law now increasingly encounter from self-appointed citizen enforcers of the (GOP's) 'make their lives miserable' policy, take a look at some of the terms they use for Mexicans":
  • border bunnies
  • cockroaches
  • crimigrants
  • field rats
  • gravel-bellies
  • greasers
  • latrinos
  • mexcrement
  • mexicoons
  • roaches
  • Spicannies
  • taco-monkeys

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